You’re already doing what you can to live lightly on the earth and reduce your carbon footprint. Now smartforme brings the world’s best energy generation and management technology to your building and suite, taking green to a new level.


Your living space should be a place of ease and comfort. Smartforme’s proven heating and cooling technology has been used in Europe for decades, providing exceptional in-suite temperature control in a stylish and smart design.

Cost Effective

With smartforme, you’re in charge, paying only for the energy you use. In-suite metering lets you track your energy consumption and manage your energy usage. You’ll also have more money in your pocket through lower strata fees and stable long-term energy rates.

Innovative product design

Clean, comfortable, cost effective – and aesthetically pleasing. Within your suite, Jaga low-voltage forced-air radiators offer the very best in heating and cooling technology in a quiet, small and stylish package.

Jaga dynamic radiators provide independent zoning in every room. And because they don’t require the dropped ceilings and extensive ductwork of traditional heating and cooling systems, you enjoy increased ceiling height and maximum space within your home. That’s comfort.